Griffin Enterprises is currently in the research and  development phase of enhancing liquid refrigerant flow for improving  refrigeration cycle efficiency. As the typical refrigeration cycle has  evolved many components have been added and improved. We have taken a  look back at the basics and have a "patent pending" enhancement to the  typical refrigeration cycle that could improve cycle efficiency and lead  to substantial energy savings.

        Refrigerant flow control is a critical aspect of any refrigeration  system. Our most recent "patent pending" improvements are aimed at a  more efficient process of controlling the flow of refrigerant throughout  the cycle, while adding benefits like, better compressor efficiency and  reliability and total use of the condenser capacity. Better evaporator  "super-heat" control, as well as condenser "sub-cooling" enhancements. 


Keeping in mind that the objects of the refrigeration cycle are  heat absorption and heat rejection, our focus has been on a balanced  system that takes the fullest advantage of the individual components  functions. 

  (  Use our contact page to request a copy of our 26 page technical white  paper that covers our enhanced refrigerant flow study in detail.)